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Partir maintenant serait irresponsable et ruinerait les efforts que nous avons entrepris depuis quatre mois. Quel talent! Parfaitement exact! Applaudissements sur les bancs du groupe UDI. Nous connaissons nos faiblesses en transports, en drones, en renseignements et en ravitaillement. Surtout vous, monsieur Morin! Jean-Paul Bacquet. Ah, les avions canadiens! Mobiliser pour cela les acteurs locaux, mais aussi les Maliens de France, est une bonne chose. Jacques Moignard. Applaudissements sur les bancs du groupe RRDP. Philippe Folliot. Michel Vergnier. Il faudra que nous prenions la mesure de ces manquements.


Philippe Vitel. Les Tchadiens ont subi de lourdes pertes.

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Jacques Moignard et M. Faut-il prolonger la mission? La France y prendra sa part. Laurent Fabius, ministre. Le relais sera pris par les troupes africaines, puis par les Maliens. Mais il y a aussi des lacunes, et on les connaissait. Jean-Yves Le Drian, ministre. Quand pourra-t-on dire que nos troupes auront rempli leur mission?

Philippe Nauche. Francis Hillmeyer. Il faut au contraire le faire fructifier. Claude Bartolone 1. Jean-Marc Ayrault, Premier ministre M. Jean-Jacques Candelier M. Bruno Le Roux M. Pierre Lellouche M. Order of the Deputy Mayor regarding the compulsory report of the stocks and other properties in Jewish possession. The so-called "redistribution of the Jewish properties on social basis" in Hungary has not started until the German occupation in March. The first statute about deportation was issued on April 7, and it contained orders regarding the deportees' properties too, that should be confiscated.

The second act was on April 16, no. Any sales and purchase contacts before March 22, declared vacate to avoid worth saving. The bank-accounts belonging to Jews were blocked, they received new passbooks issued with a printed Star of David on them. Scarce document of the legal and financial background of the Hungarian Holocaust.

Nagy jelent? Budapest, Tanned due to acidic paper. Folded once. Two small tears at upper and lover edges. Printed in red and black. Illustrated with the emblem of the Party. Date from postmark. An original advertisement poster of the weekly magazine of an early Hungarian Nazi Party, illustrated with the Party's emblem, similar to the German Nazi Party's badge, a swastika combined with sword and eagle. Named after the National Socialist German Workers' Party and its first emblem was also designed after the Nazi's badge.

It was used only for a short period, because the sign was banned in Hungary in September, thus it was changed to two scythes crossed and arranged to resemble the swastika, hence the informal name of the party also changed to Scythe-Cross Party. With small tears at foldings. Addressed in pen, stamped and postmarked on verso. Paper yellowed due to aging. Edges chipped. Small holes at folding. Overall in good condition. About this Item: Original photographic movie poster.

Printed in blue. Original movie poster of Roman Polanski's drama film. Photographic poster features the key scene of the film. Slightly rubbed at foldings. Overall in very good condition. Original photographic movie poster. Offset color print. With 40 full page illustrations. In publisher's illustrated wrappers, printed in yellow and black. Between and he lived in Germany and worked as an illustrator for the "Arbeiter Illustrierte Zeitung" and the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Germany, "Die Rote Fahne". He gained reputation with his anti-fascist and communist posters and cartoons that could be compared to the works of John Heartfied.

This collection is his first postwar album, a very early Cold War propaganda. Front cover artistically restored at edges. Inside clean and firm. About this Item: S. In original photographically illustrated wrappers. Grossman and Havel worked there until when they were both forced to leave the theatre because of political reasons. Printed on green paper. Original program poster of the United Hungarian National Socialist Party, a call for a workers' congress, and the announcement of the speakers.

The poster announces the date and the place of the congress and lists the speakers, who were among the most important figures of the Hungarian Nazi movement, like Ferenc Kassai who later became the Minister of Propaganda of the Arrow Cross Party in With the contemporary vignette of the Party's archive. Small tears at foldings in the center. Another small tear at the lower edge to the right.

Torn with loss near to upper right corner. Slightly discolored at edges due to aging. Otherwise in fine condition. About this Item: Czytelnik, Warsawa, Cover design and text illustrations by Jan Mlodozeniec. First Polish edition. In publisher's printed wrappers with the illustrated dust jacket. The book includes several full page and half page text illustrations by the Polish graphic designer, Jan Mlodozenie , one of the most prominent members of the Polish School of Posters whose works are held in the collection of such museums as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Dust jacket very slightly chipped and tanned on the spine due to acidic paper. Minor damage to the spine at the head. Original, vintage lithographic poster. Text in German. Printed in yellow, grey and black. The poster shows a queue of workers outside a closed down factory, three of them lying on the ground, and a woman breastfeeding her baby and holding her head in her hands in despair. The poster's title and the text reads on the factory wall: England's Intention: Closed due to Lack of Work. EgonTschirch was a German painter and graphic artist.

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Fighting in World War I, he got injured several times. During his recovery, he started to make propaganda posters, leaflets and postcards for the war press office in Berlin. After the war, he moved back Rostock, where he founded the Rostock Artists Association in Extremely scarce, WorldCat locates no copy in institutional holdings.

Right and lower edges chipped, with tears affecting the print area. Small damages along foldings. Restored on the verso. In publisher's photographically illustrated wrappers. Illustrated with photographs and photomontages throughout. Scarce photographic Zionist propaganda pamphlet from the early s. Irsai made aliyah in and became famous in Israel for his modernist-constructivist graphic designs and posters.

Bumped at corners. Small tears to pages and wrappers.

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Offset small poster. He was influenced by Cubism, Expressionism, Constructivism and the Bauhaus. Drawing in pencil on verso, a pinhole at upper edge, small tears to the sides. Overall a good copy. Original, vintage, offset propaganda poster. A happy worker in the front, staring in the bright future while signing the loan; a factory in the background under construction.

The text under the image, printed in red, urging the reader to subscribe the loan. To cover - at least partly - the expenses of the investments they mobilized the population to finance the efforts by subscribing the the so-called "peace-loan", a special form of government bond.

This poster is an example of the its propaganda. Small tears at foldings. Sketches and notes in black and red pencil on verso. Original, vintage graphical poster, printed in red and black. Image by Anastase Demian.

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Text in German and Hungarian. Exhibition poster of the collective show of Romanian-Transylvanian Artists in Cluj-Napoca, in , illustrated with Anastase Demian's image. About this Item: Latvju Kultura, Riga, First edition of the first issue. With 2 photographic reproductions.

In publisher's illustrated wrappers. Tribine was one of the major organs of Latvian avant-garde between , only 10 issues were published. This issue contains a photographic reproduction of V. Sila's painting "Unemployment" and a photo of a leftist political poster. Linards Petrovich Laicens was a Latvian Expressionist writer and poet. He was active in politics as a member of Communist party. Blue stamp on title page. Spine artistically restored.

In good condition. In publisher's illustrated wrappers First edition of the first issue. About this Item: Offset Nyomda, [Budapest], Original vintage poster. Duplicated and uncut. The poster was banned due to its style and explicit eroticism that was too much for the Hungarian Communist censorship.

Presumably, that's the reason why the folio with the double-image remained uncut. In fine, near mint condition. With Anastase Demian's image. A contemporary Romanian stamp mounted on recto, with no effect on printing. A water stain to the upper edge. About this Item: Budapest, Front cover by Dezs? First edition on the cover and title page "second edition" printed, for the better selling. Contains recipes of standard cocktails, flips, cobblers, hot drinks, long drinks and punches. Cover dog-eared with a few brown stains on the back. Spine rusted.

Entre le Vietnam et la France : Doan Bui, à la recherche de l’identité heureuse

Title page slightly dusted. Pages yellowed due to aging. Some pages creased, with no effect on legibility. Light stains here and there. In publisher's illustrated wrappers First edition on the cover and title page "second edition" printed, for the better selling. About this Item: Goldscheider, Arad, In very good condition. Passer la commande. Voir votre panier. Continuer vos achats. Image fournie par le vendeur.

Lady Mary Translates Marivaux: A Female Perspective?

Ancien ou d'occasion. Zydowskie ugrupowania i stronnictwa polityczne w Polsce.

Ministertwo Spraw Wewnetrznych.