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We will get there, and it will be all worthwhile in the end. There were around 20 teachers from all over UK. The morning consisted of two workshops by the two speakers below. It is also useful to share ideas, concerns and resources that we use to help in our lessons. There is no right or wrong way to teach a course. It is all down to the teacher and the group of students. It is a working team and even the most experienced teachers try and fail.

The most important thing is that if the teacher enjoys what it does the students are going to enjoy as well. So I will carry on trying new things with the hope that they will be useful to you all. I might not get it right the first time but I will always look for new challenges to develop my teaching skills and help you to learn and love the Spanish language. This week, the Improver Courses are going to learn about the different rooms and items in the house. The first part of the lesson will consist of learning the vocabulary which will be done through various different speaking, reading, written and listening activities.

Here is the vocabulary they will be learning. This week, the Intermediate Course is learning about the Imperfect Tense. I know verbs can be a bit overwhelming sometimes but, as with anything else, it is all about practice, practice and more practice. We will be doing plenty of exercises and activities that will help them to understand. To my Intermediate students, you have learnt so many tenses already, it is time to master the Imperfect too!

Despite the Christmas break everybody got into the flow of Spanish really well. Another year ahead, to learn more and to get better and better all the time. I have seen your continuous progress, your determination to learn and improve all the time. I know sometimes it has not been easy, but it will definitely be worth the effort. We make a good team and together we are going to achieve our goals. Get ready for another action packed series of lessons that will take you all a step closer to where you want to be.

I hope you enjoy! Here is the timetable for the follow up courses starting in January — Beginners to Intermediate level — in Accrington and Clitheroe. You can check full details of each course here. I use a mix of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I work along with the school holidays. If you are not sure about your level come along for a trial session and find out. You can also change to other course that suits your level better.

You can join at any time on a course and you will pay only for the remaining weeks. I am looking forward to sharing your company and helping you to learn Spanish. What a week of celebrations! Time to relax and have some fun with bingo, games and quizzes. Culture is a very important part of learning a language. It is that time of the year again and Christmas is officially open!

From today and every day until the 25th at I hope you enjoy and learn lots about the Spanish Christmas traditions. I have received this lovely comment from Peter who attends the Beginners course in Accrington. I love my job and it is lovely to feel appreciated for it. Muchas gracias Peter. You really went over and above what you need to do.

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It may not show but I am really enjoying the course and I think we have a good mix in the class and of course an excellent tutor. Well done! Lola, from Barcelona, is always looking for real life stories and situations to share on the page. She cooperates with her friends and family to bring you videos, media and all the relevant information about Spain. I also, try my best, to share posts which will benefit your language skills as well as your knowledge of culture, traditions, festivals, food and everything else Spain has to offer.

We would love to hear from you! There are so many other reasons for wanting to learn and whichever it is, I think it is fantastic. Everybody can do it if they put their mind to it. We revised and warmed up the mind to learn Spanish once again all whilst having fun. As always I am going to do my best to make the lessons interesting, exciting but also challenging enough so that you keep getting better every week.

Working together is the best way to achieve that, we are a good team and the only way is forward. If you are prepared to learn, I am prepared to help you improve and become a better Spanish speaker. Hasta pronto! Courses are filling up but still a few places available for anyone who wants to learn Spanish, a new hobby or make new friends. I would love to hear from you!

Hola a todos, Today is the first Open event at Clitheroe for information and enrolment. If you are interested in learning Spanish I will be happy to have a chat with you and talk about my courses. I run courses in Accrington, Clitheroe and Oswaldtwistle — daytime and evening. I love my job because of the lovely people I meet. English people are not lazy at learning languages. The proof is the hundred of students I have had over the years. I already have many students enrolled on my courses, so the pattern carries on.

If you want to learn Spanish and have fun come along and join us! I am looking forward to seeing former and new students. This week I hold two Open Events for information and enrolment for the Spanish courses starting on the 17th of September. They are a good opportunity to see the books that we use in class if you are not sure about your level. Read some of the comments from my past and present students about my courses.

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Time to meet me and have a chat about any queries that you might have, I will be happy to help you. Whatever the reason it would be lovely to have you in class. I always aim to create a pleasant atmosphere in which learning is fun and my style of teaching reflects that. I hope you can join us, it would be lovely to see you. Not long to go now! Daytime and Evening.

Accrington, Oswaldtwistle and Clitheroe. My aim is to make each lesson enjoyable, encouraging students to work together, creating a pleasant atmosphere where learning is fun. This activity took us to one of the lovely beaches in Valencia. We needed to resolve the answer to the exercise to open the treasure chest. I am sure you will like to try this activity! This event is aimed at Spanish teachers in Spain and abroad. Spanish teachers in schools, colleges, private tuition, online tuition, the variety was extensive all with the aim to share and improve our knowledge.

What a fantastic day I had yesterday! The day started with a motivating presentation on how to teach the Spanish language with good recommendations and ideas. Then a choice of workshops to pick from, all of them sounding very interesting. I felt that the speakers were all very enthusiastic about how to teach the Spanish language from the grammar side to more fun ways. There is no right or wrong way to do it, everything is good if it works. His presentation was on Spanish pronunciation, saying that he had a strong Andalusian accent which I thought it was quite funny.

He shared his teaching experiences with us, he made us aware on how important this pronunciation skill is and that we should try to spend more time on it from the very first lesson. I think I do that in mine but from now on I am going to do a bit more as I agree with him on how significant it is. I really enjoyed the day and felt that I picked up their enthusiasm too. The time flowed because we wanted more time in each workshop as they were so informative, useful and interesting. So that is what I am going to do keep trying my best hoping that you enjoy the experience of learning the Spanish language, culture and traditions.

It was definitely a worthwhile event to attend. The Beginners Courses are very popular and fill up quickly. This year a NEW Conversation class will take place on a Thursday evening in Accrington — I have been asked many times for this class so I am expecting it to be very popular too. I hope you find something that will suit you. So if you are interested in any of my courses you could book your place by enrolling now. It is going to be another great year! This is why I am so proud and love my name.


The Montserrat Mountain is the most important and significant in Catalonia, with a height of 1. It is located 50 km from the center of Barcelona, between the regions of Anoia, Baix Llobregat and Bages. Without a doubt, it is one of the indisputable symbols of the natural wealth of the Catalan geography. Legend has it that the Virgin has this color due to the smoke of the large number of candles that for centuries were lit before her image. Montserrat mountain is a great visit, since it combines nature, history and exercise.

Is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Catalonia, and you can feel the tranquility and solemnity of the monastery. Once you have visited it, there are several routes you can take to explore the surroundings and find the different chapels hidden in the mountains. Your resources and varied approach make the sessions enjoyable and the overlearning opportunities really are good. Improvers Course Clitheroe. They help and support each other all the way through creating a pleasant atmosphere to learn and work as well as they have become friends.

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Every single student progresses at a different pace but the key is that you are moving forward. I love to see their confidence grow every week. We have a good time but we also work hard and the results are fantastic. Your words motivate me to keep trying my best. They encourage me to research, to create and to think about how I can improve my teaching. I am very lucky to have you as my students, you are lovely people and make my job much more enjoyable. Last Friday I went to a workshop at Instituto Cervantes in Manchester to get new ideas and resources for my Spanish courses.

It was interesting and useful. Now I just need to put them into practce. The celebration is held all over Catalonia, but specially in Montserrat, located at 60km from Barcelona. Up on the Monastery of Montserrat this day there are many special acts and popular events taking place. Sardana traditional catalan dance and the Human Towers named Castells are the classical ones.

Although the main stage of this festival is the sanctuary and monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat, the mountain of the same name. Successful week back! We are on the last term of the courses.

ISBN 13: 9780906138465

However, I have seen your continuous progress, your determination to learn and improve all the time. I know sometimes it has not been easy but it will definitely be worth the effort. I wish I had recorded you all when you started so that I could show you where you are now how far have you all gone. Some reasons why you should learn Spanish.

We parked at the foot of the old town and walked up the hill to the old town. The narrow streets and the beautiful views from different places — despite the cloudy weather — made this town a truly amazing place. Vejer is a Moorish looking hilltop town metres above sea level a place of white-washed houses, narrow winding streets, excellent food and wine and the unspoilt beaches of the Costa de la Luz are only a minute drive away.

Vejer is a picturesque town still retaining much of the wall around the old part of town which blends in well with the newer part. Many of the streets are too narrow for cars and as you walk around if you look through an open doorway you are likely to see beautiful inner patios with lots of flowers and plants. It was really nice to wander the streets as there were not many tourists around, sometimes it was only us.

The beautiful weather was perfect to see the spectacular views.

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Definitely recommended if you are travelling around this part of Spain. Get ready to learn some Spanish! There are new 15 Week Courses starting in January I work along with the school holidays. The pace of the lessons is very relaxed. We work with reading, writing and listening skills and always encourage students with their speaking abilities. It is lovely to see how students help and support each other. The courses are a great way to make new friends too.

Here are some of the tapas which I managed to try, from traditional tapas to more much more modern dishes. However, all of them were delicious and it is difficult to choose a favourite. I hope you enjoy them! Los Reyes Magos arrived a day early in some places due to weather concerns and fears that the rain may spoil the Cabalgata meaning I had the chance to see it in multiple different places. Luckily the weather did hold and we had dry parades. The Cabalgata is a massively popular procession which happens in the streets of every town and features some very impressive floats, whilst the parade will always include Los Reyes Magos there are many other characters who put a smile on the faces of the young children.

As well as the smiles and waves from the people on the floats there are also vast quantities of sweets being thrown out. The number of people on the streets to see Los Reyes Magos is incredible. All keen to pick up as many sweets as possible. Hola a todos, It was lovely seeing you all this week. I have really enjoyed myself and as always I am going to do my best to make the lessons interesting, exciting but also challenging enough so that you keep getting better every week.

I learn a lot because of you. Clitheroe Beginners and Improvers Courses. What a fantastic week of celebrations to end the term! Thank you very much to you all for the lovely food you brought and I have thoroughly enjoyed your company, you are a lovely group of people! We took lots of nice pictures as you can see below. The celebration is festive and fun, with people playing jokes and pranks on each other as much as possible… basically, just being kids! Another tradition is a television program in which celebrities from film and television are made the butt of jokes, with the purpose of raising money for a good cause.

Dulces de Navidad Christmas nativity displays are amazing to see. They are in shop windows, town halls, on the streets as well as in the homes of the people. Even if you are not a religious person they are definitely worth looking at purely because of the effort put into them. Here are some examples. Look how many figures you can buy for a nativity! December has arrived! This month I am going to be posting about some Spanish Christmas traditions so that you get to know how Spaniards celebrate this time of year a little bit better. If you go to Spain in the new few days, buy a ticket and you might get a pleasant surprise.

Good luck! Students learnt to name some fruits, vegetables, groceries, meats and fish. They practice with this speaking activity to express their likes and dislikes. They were tears of farewell. It was his goodbye, at least to the stage. She last saw him about a year before he died. He had the costume on display in a glass cabinet at his home. In , just a few months before he died, she was recording in London and phoned him. Can you send it to me? With no Freddie Mercury to duet with she declined to sing Barcelona at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. But behind the showmanship was someone who was shy, suspicious and guarded his privacy with an obsessive tenacity.

It was only when he could entirely trust someone that he opened up and then wanted to have outrageous fun and laughter in his life. However, even when surrounded by people, he still felt isolated and vulnerable. Surely, I said to him in the TV interview, the time must be coming when you will really want to spend your life with someone?

His answer surprised me. The more mishaps I have, the better my songs are going to be. If I found someone to have a long relationship with, bang goes all my research to help me write wonderful songs. But all of them have gone wrong. I eat people and destroy them. We all want to have our cake and eat it. I demand a lot, but I do give a lot in return. The one constant in his life was Mary Austin, his ex-girlfriend. She married someone else, but she and Freddie remained close friends and he visited her in hospital when she gave birth to the first of her two sons.

There is a touching moment in the documentary of Freddie playing hide and seek at home with the boy. His generosity to her allowed Mary to educate both her sons Richard and Jamie privately.

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When he died, he left his London home to her and the bulk of his fortune. But I had never felt that way before about anyone. He had a quality as a person, which I think is rare in life these days. One thing which was always there was our love and mutual trust. Freddie eventually settled into a relationship with Irish hairdresser Jim Hutton, whom he had met in a bar. By then, he had tired of hedonism - he had hired a jumbo jet to fly friends to Munich for a black-and-white ball; flown another 1, to Ibiza for his 39th birthday, and life at his London home had been one long round of parties.

When Freddie was diagnosed as HIV-positive, he kept it a secret from everyone except for his closest friends. The news shocked the other members of Queen. We sort of refused to know, if you like. In one of our last private conversations I asked Freddie how Aids had affected him. He was typically stoic and realistic. I just like titillation now! He had known since that he was HIV-positive, but he had told no-one else.

You can see how he tackles a taboo subject head-on in the documentary. And how would he like to be remembered. There is the briefest of pauses. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share.

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