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For example, in 4Q Patriarchal Blessings, the interpretation of the Genesis text reads:. There will not be cut off a king in it belonging to David. Matthew The text clearly indicates that, in some sense, Judah i. The historical facts are these. The substantial sovereignty of the nation never ceased until Herod Archelaus was removed from his position. Even when Judah was subject to other powers, it sustained a degree of autonomy, and mostly was ruled by Jewish administrators.

The Jews henceforth were governed by the Romans through a series of procurators, one of whom was Pontius Pilate.

Historical Testimony

His redemptive appearance is not awaiting the future. This text is quoted by the inspired writer of the book of Hebrews and applied to Christ Hebrews That administration began when Jesus was raised from the dead and subsequently was seated at the right hand of God following his ascension see Acts ; Ephesians It prophesies a regime far beyond the Davidic empire. It foresees the universal reign of Christ over his kingdom, the church cf.

Genesis ; Psalm ; Daniel ; Revelation ,9.

Judas Oracle

Christ builds his kingdom through the loving obedience of his subjects, not by virtue of brutal intimidation and force, as is the case with some religions e. Graphic Symbolism — Scholars are agreed that verses are highly symbolic quite characteristic of Old Testament prophecy , with physical things reflecting spiritual ideas. Revelation The dark eyes and white teeth sometimes are interpreted as visions of strength and power. As we noted above, though the specific interpretation of the images may vary somewhat, the general impression of the language seems clear.

It is not a vision of a supposed 1, year reign in the future, as advocated by millennialists. Jackson, Wayne.

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Access date: July 5, What compassionate causes have we championed under the disguise of filling our coffers? How many revival meetings have we organized for the monetary benefits than the edification of the audience? We must be discerning because the Judas spirit has sneaked into the heart of many zealous leaders. To Judas everything was for a price as long as it will be deposited into his bag.

The Judas Strain (Sigma Force, book 4) by James Rollins

Judas was the treasurer of the apostolic team and he was in charge of the bag of money. He used his office to serve his greed. He was a thief and stole from the treasury anytime he had the opportunity. Therefore it was to his benefit if the bag was filled. His office served as the vehicle to drive his hidden agenda.

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  • The bag represent anything spiritual that we have been entrusted with. Therefore we use the ministry to organize meetings to fill our pockets. Most of our convocations and conferences has become a business investment rather than a means to edify believers. Therefore every facet of the meeting is set to fleece the flock. We focus on the merchandising of our products than spiritual growth of the people.

    However we have validated our actions with the zeal of our compassion for the flock that serve to cover our hidden agenda. We increase the frequencies of our church meetings, revivals or conferences not because of its necessity for spiritual growth of the believer but a way to raise more money. The religious leaders made long prayers not because the extra prayers was necessary for their spiritual breakthrough but it was a pretence to devour the widows houses.

    Are the frequency of our meetings that necessary? Or is it a way to assure ourselves of more offerings? We exaggerate our testimonies, embellish our spiritual experience and dramatize our preaching to facilitate our greedy agenda. Some even generate fake tears to exaggerate their burden on television to win over the undiscerning to give more.

    Oh what we do to fill our bags is contemptible.

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    Our Judas heart has corrupted our heavenly zeal. We must repent before the judgment of God is released against us. Rom KJV For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. I was once praying zealously for a numerical increase of my church and the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me a very penetrative question.

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    He asked me whether I truly wanted the members or money? I was really praying for members not because of my zeal to expand the kingdom but I assumed that the more members I had the more tithes and offerings I could receive. I had to confess and asked him to provide financial support for me irrespective of the increase of the flock so that it will not be my motivation.

    The pressure of my needs exposed made me susceptible to the Judas spirit. I was zealously praying for Church increase but my real motive was for the money. You would not have known this if you had seen the fervency of my prayers that day. Will you go to areas to preach if your ministry will not be promoted or will not receive a fat honorarium?