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This book is devoted to breakfast food that would be welcomed any time of day, especially her perfect yeasted waffle. Not all of the recipes are truly lost, of course, but they are timeless and delicious, so we need to cook them to ensure they never disappear.

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The brilliance of this book is that Anne Byrne recognized that many home cooks wanted to take advantage of the ease and reliability of a packaged cake mix and upgrade it by doctoring it with personal touches that made the final creation feel and taste homemade. This book celebration the specificity and pickiness that leads to simplicity. This fourth-generation South Carolina farmer is also the author of acclaimed novels.

All of her works, including this collection of her family recipes, express her sense of place and how to make the most of what one has at hand. These recipes are home cooking at its unapologetic finest, designed to fill up and satisfy hungry people. Melissa Clark develops recipes and cranks out cookbooks and newspaper columns at an astonishing rate, yet her recipes always seem sincere, as though she really did serve these dishes to her family last night.

This cookbook will join the ranks of the timeless and transformative. This pioneer of food blogging knows her way around a stove, not only a keyboard. She's a very good cook, which is not always the case with bloggers. The book feels friendly, happy, and fun. This might be his personal encyclopedia, featuring more than of his favorite recipes that trace that arc of American culinary history from the everyday to the obscure. He was among the first food journalists to argue that American had its own cuisine that was derivative of the old countries.

Her honesty is refreshing. She might have hated to cook, but she could. Even if one never makes a single recipe, this book is a treasure for her trenchant observations and way with words. She shares recipes and tips, and is candid and endlessly charming in her confessions about her successes and failures in the kitchen and in her life. Laurie Colwin loved cooking for herself and for anyone who wanted a seat at her table.

These essays celebrate overlooked ingredients and underappreciated points of generosity made possible only by sharing good food with good companions. Each page is delightful. Unlike many so-called celebrity cookbooks, this one is filed with recipes that actually work that produce food we actually want to eat. This is among the cookbooks that changed how we think about cookbook photography. This was the first cookbook for many a baby boomer.

Released in , the premise was that basic cooking skills were essential life skills for both boys and girls. There have been a series of releases and revisions of Big Red, but the focus remains on useful recipes for scratch cooking, even as our notion of scratch has changed over the years to take advantage of jump starts and short cuts from convenience products.

The red and white gingham cover is recognizable to generations of cooks and was often the only cookbook a new bride would consult in an era when marriage often turned young women into housewives responsible for all meal preparation. There have been more than 15 revisions and updates over the years to keep up with the times, but it remains a tried-and-true resource in many households.

Like most essential American cookbooks, the books from Good Housekeeping have been revised multiple times, although one could make a case that the version is the most useful because it includes instructive illustrations that promise to guide cooks to success if they follow the diagrams. This book is among the big tomes from big title magazines.

It offers a big snapshot and time stamp of the range of recipes produced by Southern Living in their first 20 years. This book looks dull by modern standards, but it remains a delightful compendium for cooks seeking to recreate old family recipes. Good information is always a good idea. Gorgeous, story-driven cookbooks by acclaimed Southern chefs are nearly commonplace these days, but this book was among the first and remains among the best. Come for the recipes, stay for the stories. No scholar of American cooking, much as African-American cooking, can do without this book.

Her voice and her recipes are illuminating, and this book is her magnum opus, her love letter to what it means to truly taste beloved food. Based on the food she prepared in her seat soul food restaurant in the s, this book captures some of what is takes for a recipe to have soul. The book languished in obscurity until a recent revamp and re-release from The Lee Bros. Many credit John Egerton with having the audacity to assert that Southern was a cuisine at all, much less one that forms the bedrock of what would come to be called American cuisine. This book is part history, part travelogue, part oral history, and part cookbook.

These parts add up to a book that strives with all its might to capture and convey what it means and how it feels to eat like a Southerner. Beyond being the editor of some of the most influential cookbooks ever published, Judith Jones was a talented cook and writer in her own right. In this book she describes the necessity of cooking real meals as a source of joy and sustenance, even when dining alone. Noted cooking teacher and food writer Molly Stevens shares her deep knowledge of this essential cooking technique through her precise language in recipes. Master cooking teacher Molly Stevens coaches home cooks on the hows and why of a timeless and universal cooking technique.

Using this book feels like having a private cooking tutorial from an expert. The recipes look complicated because of their level of detail, but that actually makes them easier to use because little is left to chance. As popular today as it was when it debuted and turned home baking on its ear — in a good way — this book still holds true. This book was what introduced many home cooks to the revelation that Mexican food is diverse, nuanced, and quite unlike what one gets in most Americanized eateries in shopping centers.


There are plenty of worthy recipes in this book, but the legendary roast chicken and warm bread salad top the list. Mollie Katzen made vegetarian food seem less weird and more charming and appealing. Anyone who creates a cookbook by hand-lettering and illustrating each page is a dedicated author.

She is a prolific author, but this book reflects the years she cooked on TV when few people were talking about Southern food at all, much less preparing it in a TV series. This is a huge work that touches on nearly every aspect of classic Southern cooking through recipes. If music is too loud, diners typically attempt to talk over the music.

Presentation The presentation of the food matters as well. Technology The devil is in the details. A good restaurant atmosphere can ensure that your guests take positive feelings away from interacting with your business. As Director of Content Strategy at ShopKeep , the 1-rated iPad Point of Sale System, Yamarie provides merchants with practical advice on all things related to business or point of sale.

In a minute, your free guide will be sent to the email address you provided. In a minute your free guide will be sent to email address you provided. The atmosphere of a restaurant is often overlooked in favor of other factors, but restaurant owners have to pay attention to the ambiance of their dining room just as much as the food they serve and the service they provide. What Is Restaurant Atmosphere? Why Is Atmosphere Important? Bake from Scratch. Each includes an attractive photograph and measurements given both by weight and by volume. Even the most basic recipes offer a twist on the ordinary; for example, pumpkin pie gets a modern update with the addition of a goat cheese crust and brown sugar whipped cream.

Page Street. The mother-daughter team behind the vegan food blog Veganosity. They rely on easy-to-find ingredients, the lesser known of which e. To achieve familiar flavor and char, the authors employ liquid smoke, homemade sauces, and a ridged grill pan. Richards, Todd. Oxmoor House. In this Southern Living cookbook, James Beard Award—nominated chef Richards debuts an intimate take on soul food that pays homage to his family and ancestors.

In ingredient-focused chapters e. Gorgeous matte photographs and expert food styling provide inspiration. Sizemore, Nicki.

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Blogger and recipe developer Sizemore The Food Processor Family Cookbook shares a simple method for building quick and healthy meals from batch-cooked whole grains. Her recipes include sweet and savory options such as banana bread bowl, quick and easy Thai-style vegetable curry, and spicy coconut shrimp with kale and cilantro. These self-contained bowls rely on mostly conventional ingredients and can be customized to suit dietary needs and preferences.

Instructions are mostly adequate, though some measurements provided in ambiguous quantities e. Tuskadze, Tiko. Supra: A Feast of Georgian Cooking. Pavilion: Anova.

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Inspired by vivid childhood memories, Tuskadze, chef-owner of the London-based restaurant Little Georgia, describes a traditional Georgian supra feast and invites home cooks to create their own. Her cookbook begins with intriguing appetizers and small plates many of them vegetarian , then transitions to main dishes and desserts. A food processor, meat grinder, and mortar and pestle come in handy for these recipes, which are given in metric measurements and include some potentially unfamiliar British terms.

Pamela M. Holmes (Author of Soul Food)

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