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It was good to see previous couples in the series and how they had settled down into their relationships. I do look forward to what Ms Matthews has coming out next. He has given up on finding love and never forms an attachment to a women who doesn't know there won't be more in the future. Blue is just as shocked to see Cort, the man she fell in love with five years ago, but couldn't handle the emotions and ditched him while he was sleeping.

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She's a free spirit who is not ashamed of her body, nor the fact that she loves to have it photographed. We also get introduced to a new character, Neil, who is Blue's gay friend. He doesn't really have a lot of baggage except for a failed engagement and no Blue leaving him. We don't just see the woman's perspective, we get to see the deep hurt that Blue inflicted and Cort's deep need to find love with her around all the painful things he is finding out about her.

He isn't a prude by far, but he does have some issues with Blue's behavior. I guess I wouldn't say that is baggage because people die and you can't hang on to it forever. She is a free spirit in a small town which isn't hard, but people do wonder about her. By that I don't mean sexually, she just likes to cuddle with her friends and this isn't something Cort is used to or willing to bend on.

One key piece I loved was that Cort just didn't automatically forgive Blue and move forward. He still felt extremely strong emotions towards Blue, and he wanted her, but the anger just didn't go away over night. This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader.

Feb 29, Redheads Review it Better rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , erotica. I absolutely love Lissa's books. Not only does she write some awesomely, sexy books, she knows how to pick a cover! I am one of those people who judge books by their covers.

I guess that's the good thing about romance novels since most have half naked buff males on the outside to draw horn dogs like me to buy them. Alrighty, I am getting a little off track here. If you didn't I absolutely love Lissa's books. If you didn't love blue collar works before, you will definitely love them by the end of this book. Or maybe it was the hunky, brooding, electrician that you will fall in love with. Just know, you will have to fight me for him! Sexy on the inside and out, he gets my motors going like nothing else.

I love a guy that can work with his hands because he generally has a step up in the pleasure department. Back on the book, Crystal. Not on what the sexy electrician can do with his hands.

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He had that one night stand with Blue years ago but he instantly knew she was different and had kept her in his heart and mind the whole time. She set the standard of the women he saw from that night on. Gotta love a man who falls into instant love. It's so swoon worthy!

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And let's not forget about our spunky Blue. I loved how free spirited she is. Take for instance the naked photo art she did. You have to be confident in your body image to do those pictures and extra confident to display them in your home. I wish I had the balls to do something like that. Of course, I wanted to slap her for just up and leaving Cort in the middle of the night five years ago.

But I can forgive her since in the end, she showed him how she really felt for him so it made it all better in my book. I you are looking for a great read that gets your juices flowing, this book, hell anything of Lissa's is where you need to look.

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View all 3 comments. Jun 15, Tyra Berger rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok let's face it I will never again be able to hear a Neil Diamond song without thinking of this series! And oh what fond memories they will be. Hot, sexy, steamy memories. This story is about getting a second chance. Cort can't believe that the woman that he had an amazing night of sex with 5 years ago and has never been able to forget is standing in front of him.

He can't decide if he is happy to see her again or so totally pissed off that he can't see straight. B can't believe that Cort is th Ok let's face it B can't believe that Cort is the electrician that her friends suggested help her with the renovations on her house. Who would have ever believed that the world could be so small? And even though she is excited to see him again all the feelings that cause her to run the first time are there and bigger than ever. I have to say that of the three books so far in this series this one was by far the most emotional.

I liked the fact that Cort doesn't just forgive B for leaving him that night. You get all of his anger and his feeling of betrayal with both barrels. The emotional roller-coaster that you experience for a lot of the book made the anticipation of them coming together palpable. This book doesn't have the physical kink that the other two had but you get more of the exhibitionism.

Once again I have to give props to Ms. Matthews for bringing us real girls with curves and confidence. I like that her heroines are older and are so comfortable with not only their bodies but what the expect out of a sexual relationship. They don't ask for what they want they demand it.

I really like Neil and would love to see him get a book of his own. But he has really got to work on his timing! LOL I am sure with the construction business the boys are starting up we can find someone for him Mar 28, Riverina Romantics rated it really liked it Shelves: erotic , review-copy , on-amazon , on-blog. Cort and Blue had a scorching one night stand a long time ago. Now, years later, pheromones, divine intervention, or maybe it was just because of meddling friends, they meet again.

I liked the history between Cort and Blue, it gave me more of a connection towards them. There wasn't a heated stare then all of a sudden they are bu 4. There wasn't a heated stare then all of a sudden they are bumping uglies. You were told of their past and how it made them wary of one another, so when they finally do get down and dirty its worthy of a high five.

It also shows the skill of an author when you can enjoy a story about people who are entirely different from you. Although I can't relate to their sexual kinks, I really enjoyed this story. Blue was an exhibitionist who loved to walk around naked and had a body covered with beautiful tattoos. Cort was the domineering Alpha male, who found it hard really bad pun coming to terms with Blue's nature. They fit perfectly together and although it wasn't a full length novel, there was a great mixture of story, sex and emotion that I was left sated.

And yes again it was a smooth and well written story. If you're looking for an easy, hot read with a little kink and a splash of enjoyable humor, this may be the perfect fit for you. Mar 24, Judith rated it really liked it. Having read the first two books in this series some time ago, I was delighted to find this third book and find that it was every bit as good as the previous two.

Ms Matthews writes really captivating stories and her characters are very much their own people, individuals who live in a real world and who still find that their own response to the world is about who they are as they relate to others. Blue is a woman who has mourned inwardly for years--loss and lots of it has been at t 4.

Blue is a woman who has mourned inwardly for years--loss and lots of it has been at the roots of lots of her fears. Cort is an electrical contractor who specializes in old houses and thus comes face to face with Blue, a woman he met and with whom he shared a very hot night five years earlier. The fall-out of that brief affair as well as where each of these people finds themselves at this time five years later is at the core of the story, certainly "flavors" their continuing encounters, impacts their view of the future, and makes the story compelling for lots of reasons.

Mar 03, Bonnie rated it liked it. I've read this entire series, and I really love it. However, had a hard time getting through this book. The characters were cool, I loved the story, and the sex was hot. However, through the first half of the book, there were so many errors, it was hard to get through. There were lots of extra words in sentences that made no sense, and there were lots of open quotes. A conversation would start, but there might hot be quotes to close the conversation, and after a little reading, you realized you were I've read this entire series, and I really love it.

A conversation would start, but there might hot be quotes to close the conversation, and after a little reading, you realized you were no longer reading a conversation. The second half of the book did get better, and I didn't have any trouble getting through it. Jul 23, Dr.

Bronwyn Ph.

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D of Smutology rated it really liked it Shelves: plus-size , one-night-stand , bdsm. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting from the blurb. Still, for a fairly short book the characters were well developed and reasonably likable. They both Blue and Cort got in their own way a lot. Understandable for 2 people who have been damaged by love in the past.

It did make the reading a little less smooth. Good or bad I found it a little draining. Enjoyed it anyway but it' 3. Retrieved 5 September Neil Diamond.

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