Manual Part Five: Finding Your Path, Engaging Your Purpose – Feeling Abundant

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If you had an abundance of free time, how would you spend it? What are the things you get so completely immersed in that you lose track of time? What are the things in life that bring you joy and satisfaction? What were you doing and where were you? Often those high points contain important clues about your true nature and where your joy lies.

Your passion will push you to your growth edge and force you to fully develop and express your gifts which can feel scary, challenging and very difficult at times. What breaks your heart the most in the world? What would you most love to dedicate your precious time and resources to? Studies have shown that people who feel most fulfilled are those who are giving their gifts in service to something larger than themselves, to something they care about. Write them down. Of course, in order for your purpose to be a true, sustainable livelihood it must generate a reliable and abundant income for you.

So you need to find a way to integrate all the aspects of your purpose into something that people need and will happily pay for. Where there is a genuine need met or a positive outcome generated from your work, people will gladly pay you for your help. The key now is to reflect on your answers and to see where and how these different parts of you might overlap.

Brainstorm different ideas or vocations that would incorporate the three different areas. Make a list of all the ideas you can think of. Also, think of your role models and people you admire and use what they do to inspire your ideas. Finding your purpose connects you to something fundamental to your sense of identity and well-being. But despite my passion, the work always felt hard and a struggle and it drained me of energy. As a result, overwhelm eventually turned into chronic fatigue and a perpetual feeling of being on the edge of burnout.

You purpose will start to reveal itself to you as soon as you set the intention and make the commitment to find it, and then start taking actions in the direction of something that feels joyful. The rewards and treasures are awaiting you. And the world needs your precious gifts more than ever right now. You have something incredibly special and valuable to contribute. Try not to be one of those people who wishes they had taken their dreams seriously when they had the chance! In service to helping you live your brightest life,. Before we get started on this journey of understanding and harnessing the Law of Attraction to create more of what you want, there are a few things worth mentioning up-front.

I know that I personally had to shift my own perspective and beliefs in order to embrace what the great spiritual leaders have long been teaching us about Universal Abundance Laws and how they work. My journey into challenging my own beliefs started when I was in my early twenties.

It was a debilitating condition that made me feel continuously exhausted and unwell, affecting my whole life. We all have a field of energy around us — which I will refer to as the Human Energy Field. This energetic field extends several feet to several metres beyond our physical skin. Blockages in our energy field eventually become blockages in our physical bodies.

When I was ill with chronic fatigue I was amazed and surprised at how much benefit I received from alternative healing techniques like Reiki, Tai Chi, energy work, hypnosis and Bioresonance a technique where distortions in your energy field are measured and corrected. These techniques were so effective for me, which I found hard to rationalise with my logical mind.

I also discovered that I was able to impact my own energy field directly through my thoughts, beliefs and my focus of attention, to eventually heal my physical symptoms. Bruce Lipton, Ph. Young people who have been exposed to the mind-bending tenets of quantum physics throughout their lives may underestimate the revolutionary nature of its findings. I on the other hand was trained in conventional medicine, which separates the invisible from the visible, the spiritual from the non-spiritual, matter from energy, the mind from the physical body. The truth is that all of those dichotomies have been proven false by quantum physics, which has found that the universe is not as Newtonian physicists or pharmaceutical researchers or atheist scientists have imagined it.

Instead, the Universe is as the ancient wisdom of aboriginal cultures conceived it. Aboriginal cultures do not divide the world into rigid categories like rocks, air and humans, for they are all imbued with Spirit, with invisible energy. Matter and energy are completely entangled just as aboriginal cultures knew instinctively and quantum physicists proved. So much about your journey into abundance is about being open-minded and allowing yourself to experience life differently.

I invite you to keep an open mind and trust that what I am about to share with you really works! The movie was all about the Law of Attraction. I really liked the message in the movie, but despite their best intentions, I do feel it comes across a little simplistic and materialistic, telling people they can have whatever house or car they desire if they can just imagine having it.

The Law of Attraction is basically this: Like attracts like. Whatever you hold in your thoughts, beliefs, and focus of attention, ultimately becomes your reality. So within, so without. And here is the catch — most of us are trained to think a certain way. In fact, most of us have been taught to keep our dreams small. That blueprint emanates out into your human energy field — setting forth the forces of attraction that bring an energetic match to that blueprint into your reality. Acting and behaving as though you already have what you want is a surefire way to activate the Law of Attraction, because as Wayne Dyer always said, we attract into our life things that match our current energetic frequency.

Not always straight away although sometimes it does! Did you know that different emotions carry different frequencies? You have them for a reason. They contain the seeds of your most fully expressed life. Just allow the resistance to be there. The clearer you are, the more effectively you can harness the Law of Attraction. When trying to figure out what we want, we usually devise goals that unconsciously we think are going to make us feel a certain way.

Except when you finally receive that promotion and you have the new home, you realise soon after that you still feel empty and restless inside. Getting clear on how you want to feel can be a very powerful way to set goals that really get to the heart of what you want to experience. If you need help figuring out how you want to feel, be sure to have a browse through the Core desired feelings library.

When you get clear on how you want to feel, write it down. Use 3 — 10 words to describe how you want to feel. Write it down. Make the goal very specific. The goal needs to feel like an exciting stretch — not too much of a stretch that it feels overwhelming and impossible, but one that would be really fun and exciting to achieve.

Feeling Abundance is the Solution to All of Your Problems - Abraham Hicks

If you want to attract someone into your life, get very specific on what that person looks like, what their personality is like, what you love about them and what they love about you. Where do they live and what do they do? If you want to experience more flow and abundance in your business, what would that look like specifically? How many clients would you like each month or how many programs would you need to sell, and how easily would you find those people?

Get specific on how your business would look and feel. Do you wish you could live your truth more fully and experience greater levels of freedom, fulfilment, love and happiness? Click here to download it now. And if you stray far enough away from your true self, you can end up depressed or unwell. In need of inspiration? Get your copy of our 1 International Bestseller now! And the same goes for adapting any new belief or behaviour; we first have to forget about how we used to think, and really consciously and proactively CHOOSE to believe and act in a new way. Which is why we all need guidance and support during any period of change — to keep us on the path we truly want to walk.

The book is an uplifting, inspiring read that will — I hope — inspire you to dig deeper to find your own personal truth and to make conscious choices to align yourself more closely to it. Below I share the 5 powerful myths, messages, and beliefs that I personally had to UNLEARN before it was possible for me to step into a new way of living for myself, in alignment with my heart and soul.

In high school, I loved languages, literature, and the humanities. They felt natural and easy to me; it was as though my brain was wired for them. I could sail through exams with relatively little effort, in comparison to the maths and sciences subjects, which felt hard and tedious and required huge amounts of effort to get decent grades.

Emerging out of the post-depression era, many of our Baby Boomer parents knew nothing but hardship and struggle growing up, which they passed onto us. As children, we start out being very connected and in-tune with our own hearts. As I was growing up, I understood work to be a necessary evil to help pay the bills. And it seemed natural that I would have to do the same.

When your work is accompanied by feelings of joy and positive emotion, you tap into an unlimited reservoir of creativity and potential that has limitless positive ripple effects. Unfortunately, the more money I seemed to make, the more miserable and empty I felt inside. And yet, our brains are only one part of an entire world of intelligence that we have access to. Modern-day breakthroughs in scientific research have shown that we actually have three intelligence centres in our bodies.

And mBraining is not the only organisation that researches and talks about the three different intelligence centres. Other organisations like The Omega Institute, HeartMath , and The Shift Network , and great leaders who bridge science and spirituality like Gregg Braden and Deepak Chopra ,have long been talking about the untapped power available to you when you integrate your three intelligence centres. Grounded in verified scientific research, Australian psychologists Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka developed the mBIT coaching philosophy Multiple Brain Integration Techniques , which is comprised of a suite of tools and techniques for communicating with, integrating and harnessing the power of your three intelligence centres which, when working together, produce amazing results.

Today there are thousands of mBIT coaches in over 32 countries worldwide, helping people integrate their three intelligence centres to improve their lives. HeartMath has a raving fan base with thousands of great testimonials and results, endorsements from high-profile leaders leaders in the personal development space, and over 8, certified HeartMath practitioners worldwide.

We ask our friends what they think, we ask our parents or mentors, or we seek counselling or therapy to help us find our own answers. And she was right. But I was so disconnected from myself that I had no idea how to go about accessing my own inner answers. I had to go through a long process of slowly reconnecting to myself and my truth before I was able to start listening to — and receive guidance from — my own inner compass.

Your soul is not limited by fear, anxiety, or self-doubt. It knows the path of your fullest expression. Connecting with your inner compass and your soul brings you into alignment with your highest and most fully-expressed potential. It really is the only way to make good decisions. To hear your inner guidance, you need to have a specific intention to converse with it.

And then you need to create enough space in your life to be in a receptive state, to receive its guidance. It speaks to you during those peaceful, contemplative moments when the hyperactive mind is quiet enough for it to be heard. An over-busy mind drowns out anything that your inner guidance might be trying to whisper to you. You need to get quiet and find ways to cultivate stillness inside. The reason this works is because joyful memories allow you to vibrate at a high frequency, which is critical for accessing your higher knowing.

Your energetic vibration can be measured, and your vibration rate a. The frequency of different emotions has been measured, and scientists have developed the following guide to the frequency of emotions the image below is from The Omega Institute. It takes less than ten minutes a day, and it works. I give full credit to my mentor Gina Maria Mele who first introduced me to this specific process. Put your hands on your belly and take deep, slow breaths in through your nose, all the way down into your belly.

Feel your hands move in and out as you breathe. Breathe as long as it takes to feel your body and mind relax. Keep focusing all your attention on the breath. Bring your attention to your chest. Feel it rise and fall with each breath in and out. Do this until you can feel all your attention and awareness in your chest. Perhaps you can even feel your heart beating.

Think of a time in your life when you felt real joy, love, or happiness. Maybe it was while holding your puppy? Or your first kiss? Or holding your baby in your arms for the first time? Perhaps you were with friends and felt a moment of spontaneous fun and laughter. Think of any experience that invokes strong feelings of joy and love. Now take yourself back into that experience and really re-live it in your mind. Remember how it felt, how it sounded, how it looked, how it smelt. Really take yourself back there and feel all the feelings and sensations you felt in that moment.

As you sink into those feelings, imagine a big white light radiating outwards from your chest. As you hold the happy memory in your thoughts, bring this white light all the way up to about a meter above your head. You may not be able to visualise this and instead just feel it depending on your dominant sensory mode. As you sit in the memory of your happy experience in your bubble of white light, bring your focus back to your chest and ask a question that you really want to know the answer to.

Ask whatever question is most relevant to you right now. Sit quietly and wait for any images, sounds or feelings to come to you. It will come later. If your mind drifts, bring it gently back to your question and be open and receptive to any guidance. Sit in this state for as long as you need. Enjoy the experience. You have just connected with your heart. You just felt its energy. You might not always like the guidance you get. The guidance might push you out of your comfort zone and require you to stretch and grow in ways that feel uncomfortable.

But your inner wisdom is never wrong. It will always strive to bring your outer world into alignment with your authentic desires, your personal truth, and your true priorities. If nothing comes during the meditation itself, rest assured that it will come to you in some way as you go about your business in the next few days or weeks. Take the time to slow down and hear your inner whispers. These questions felt like the missing piece that I had been seeking in my role as a mentor who helps people find their true professional path and purpose.

Those of you who know my work will already know that I believe there are four main pieces to discovering your purpose as shown below. I have in-depth techniques to help people get clear on their True Nature, and their Natural Genius, and it is not usually too difficult to figure out what people will gladly pay for. But I was missing a powerful technique to help people uncover their passion.

This may seem like a strange place to start looking. But it just happens to be the approach that brings the most powerful insight to people in the search for their unique purpose. You feel as though there must be some way that you can contribute your unique gifts and talents in a way that is meaningful and impactful, and allows you to make a positive difference. You feel passionate about preventing other people from experiencing the same pain that you went through.

You may have experienced an acute wound in the form of the death of a sibling or loved one for example, or physical or emotional abuse or an experiential wound that was not intended by anyone to cause pain, but nevertheless caused you emotional pain, and caused you to take on certain behaviours to protect yourself into the future. As painful as these wounds were and still are for many of us , you can choose to view these wounds as sacred because in some way they changed who you are at a core level.

They taught you valuable lessons and forced you to develop certain positive qualities. And they contain the seeds of your unique purpose. What happened? Was there a common theme in these experiences? How did you feel? Try to find the words to describe it. What did you crave? Or how did you crave to be treated? What did you do? How did you develop as a result? How might your answers to these questions relate to your unique path and purpose? To help you along, here are the answers to my questions that helped me get closer to understanding my purposeful path.

I loved writing, languages, and theatre and I knew that those were my natural gifts. But I felt very pressured to excel in technical subjects because the people in my environment only valued those subjects. As I entered University I felt I had to follow a technical academic path in order to be loved and approved of as a person. I ended up spending almost 15 years in a career that was not aligned with my authentic desires, my natural skills or my true nature. As a result, I ended up feeling empty, unfulfilled and spent many years feeling lost and off-track.

My health and relationships suffered severely as a result. I felt pressured, trapped, stressed, and anxious when I was younger. Success in these areas required hard work and sacrifice. I had to ignore my heart, which wanted to be immersed in creative pursuits. During my professional years as a corporate consulting engineer, I felt inauthentic, misaligned and as though my true nature and natural genius were suppressed. I felt unseen for who I was and simply not heard. I felt disconnected from my truth and my essence.

I craved approval and permission to be who I am. I craved to be loved, seen and heard as my true, authentic self. I yearned to follow my heart and pursue things that bring me alive and allow me to unleash my natural gifts in service to others. I craved joy, freedom, abundance and full creative expression. In order to fulfill my longing to be seen, valued, and loved, I embarked on a lifetime of over-achieving to gain the approval I desperately wanted. I became something that in my heart I knew was not me.

I became a wonderful actor, pretending to have it all together and to be living a successful life. Sometimes I even fooled myself. I over-achieved at the expense of my health and relationships. I believed life was a struggle and meant to be difficult. I neglected myself and my needs, I self-abandoned, all to try to be something I am not. This had disastrous effects on my emotional and physical well-being and my relationships suffered terribly too. Eventually, I was brought to my knees and I was forced to realise that no-one was benefiting from me living an inauthentic life.

When I gave myself permission to do this, everything changed. I feel called to help people find their own authentic voice and to find a way to bring their unique gifts and talents into the world in a way that has a positive impact and feels deeply fulfilling. I help them find work that allows them to express themselves fully. I long for everyone to feel seen, heard and appreciated for the beautiful being they are, and to help them bring their whole self into the career and into the workplace. Do you get the idea? I hope so. If you have half an hour to invest in trying out this beautiful technique, have a go and let me know what you think!

Most of us have heard the famous quote allegedly said by Confucius, the Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher who lived more than years ago. There are a number of reasons for that, including:. I took all the subliminal messages in my environment very seriously and they eventually led me down the completely wrong professional path. My journey has led me to believe that this is probably more like the advice we should follow instead:. The most important thing is to give up the notion that you have to find it straight away. The key, I believe, is to simply start by doing the things that bring you joy, fulfilment, and satisfaction, and to view your journey with curiosity and wonder.

Stay open to how different jobs and activities make you feel, and keep going in the direction of the ones that feel good. Here are some questions to ponder along the way. These are not easy questions to answer, and many of us can spend years, if not a lifetime, getting clear answers. Most of us have experienced at least a couple of these moments in life. And they contain the seeds of your true calling. Take a moment to describe those fleeting moments in your life when you felt exquisite happiness. Where were you, what were you doing, and with whom were you doing it?

Which feelings did you experience and why? Write them down, and then look for the hidden signs to your cherished values in there. Here are some examples from my own experience to help you define yours. Several drinks and many cheesy songs later, we walk outside to find our camper-van to sleep in. We come across a group of beautiful little Aboriginal children playing outside on the grass. One of them comes up to us, beaming with her big white teeth in an ear-to-ear grin. I strike up a conversation with her and we laugh and connect.

I pick her up, swing her around and she giggles with delight. I do this a few more times at her request, and we swirl around and fall down, laughing from dizziness and fun. Finally, I tell her I have to go or my drinks are going to come up! My friends have already left. As I leave I give her a big squeeze and she grabs me back in a beautiful, giant hug. I feel her heart and her warmth, her beautiful, radiant soul. We stay locked in this beautiful hug and in this moment it feels like the world has stood still; two strangers locked in an embrace, sharing our humanity and love.

I have nothing with me but my small backpack containing two changes of clothes, my wallet, my camera and my toilet bag. The exquisite, joyful feeling starts at the check-in counter when they ask me if I have baggage to check in. I walk through the security area, sit down at a bar to wait for my flight and enjoy a large beer — just me and my small backpack.

The feeling of freedom and joy is indescribable. Freedom of expression, freedom to live life according to our own agenda, gifts and talents, freedom to contribute to the world in the way we want, freedom to allow others to be their own exquisite selves. Freedom from shame, expectations and internally or externally-imposed limitations.

Freedom to be ourselves, fully and unashamedly.

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But they helped me understand more about my authentic passion and joy and about the values I hold most cherished. So I wonder, what are those moments in your life that have made your heart overflow with joy? What were they trying to tell you about what you value and cherish most in life? And what guidance were they giving you about your purposeful and joyful professional path? You might just find the next clue that will light your way on the road to following your bliss.

Need help in identifying your joyful professional path and purpose? I was sitting on the terrace of a beautiful outdoor cafe in a leafy green suburb right on the beach. The warm sun was gently warming my shoulders and there was a gentle breeze in the air. The underwater visibility was beautiful as I swam to the edge of the pier and back, watching the ripples of sand on the ocean floor and fish swimming by in small schools.

Stepping out of the water I felt cleansed, nourished and uplifted. Now as I was waiting for my coffee and breakfast to arrive I glanced over at the waitress serving our group of tables outside on the peaceful terrace. She looked focused on the milk she was frothing for the cappuccinos she was preparing, in a joyful and contented way. She laughed and tossed her hair as a passing colleague made a funny comment. I was suddenly struck by an enormous feeling of envy at the ease and joy she exuded, of the deep sense of peace and happiness she seemed to feel.

How long had it been since I had felt so at ease and in love with life? Since those uncomplicated and carefree days in my late teens and early twenties, it felt like my life had been slipping deeper and deeper into an abyss and I had no hope of clawing my way back out. It took all my willpower just to get out of bed in the mornings and to face another day, when all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, or better still — never wake up.

I was on the verge of a breakdown and I just could not keep up the facade. I needed help, I needed time out. Until this point, I had pushed through every difficulty of my life, never giving up, always pushing on, always struggling through. I had been intent on never letting anyone down, of fulfilling my duties and obligations no matter what state I was in. I had no more strength to do this. I was drained and depleted. This was the first time in my life that I had put my own needs first, by deciding to take time off work and just be for two months.

Even though I was exhausted and felt so incredibly run down, I drove down to the beach each morning to enjoy the soothing calm of the waves lapping the sand and to watch the birds frolic in the waves, to try to instil some peace and comfort within my being. I had never before felt entitled to take time out of the rat race to honour my needs, to listen to my body and heed the whispers of my heart.

I had always felt a sense of duty to go on, a responsibility to keep contributing my salary to our household income and fulfil my work obligations, to put on a brave face and soldier on no matter what inner guidance I may have been getting. The sense of grief and anguish was so deep and heart-wrenching, the pain touched every part of my being in every single waking moment.

I was heart-broken and depleted. It was simply no longer possible to muster the energy to pretend everything was OK. It was not OK. After almost fifteen years of pain and struggle I had finally realised that this was very far from OK. Something had to change. Until now I had felt trapped in my chosen career path and life circumstances. Could I leave all that now and finally admit that I had been barking up the wrong tree?

That this is absolutely not how I want to spend the rest of my life? There was something inside me in that moment that changed forever. I finally opened to the possibility that perhaps I could decide to leave my career behind to pursue something closer to my heart, more aligned to my strengths. Perhaps I could do something that brings me real joy and flows naturally and easily to me. While deep down I knew my strengths are creativity, linguistics and human relations. The only way I felt I could be accepted and respected in my corporate career was to be outstanding at what I did.

That way no one could detect that I was putting on a facade. Give up. Listen to your heart for once and follow its guidance. Is this what living life is about? Life is not meant to be this difficult! It felt as though a veil was slowly lifting around me and light was slowly seeping in. Suddenly the colours around me seemed brighter, the sounds became louder, I could see a beetle on the tree a few metres away from me and appreciate its intricate beauty. A lightness filled my being, a feeling I had not felt in a very long time.

And now I had the power to change that. There would be many people surprised by my decision and perhaps many who would be disappointed. There would be many who would laugh. You can read my full story in What does it mean to be true to yourself? My journey of finding my true voice and path. Are you struggling to find your path and purpose? In service to helping you live your fullest and brightest life,. And the percentage of freelancers is even higher among the younger workforce.

I know that when I was growing up, freelancing seemed incredibly risky to me; the responsibility for generating your own income throughout all economic cycles seemed like a far bigger risk than I was willing to take. Among respondents in the UpWork survey, more than half are earning more than they did getting a steady paycheck in their former job. Deciding to leave a stable career path and reliable salary for an unknown outcome, no matter how exciting or appealing the idea, is absolutely not an easy decision to make to.

No more forcing yourself into the office early in the morning no matter how late you stayed up the night before, or the complete lack of free time to do the things that sustain and nourish you. As your own boss, you can work according to your own schedule and work with the natural rhythms of your body clock and creative impulses. I love that I can now take time off when I need to and catch up on my work in the evening if I have to.

Freedom and flexibility have become especially important to me since becoming a mother to our two young children. Our research shows that entrepreneurs are more satisfied with their jobs — and happier in general. Workplace autonomy is a powerful motivator. I really needed to pinch myself the first time I received money for my coaching services; it seemed such a gift to be paid for something I found so enjoyable and enriching. Doing something you love really is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Plus, entrepreneurs are a fun bunch of people!

It continues to amaze and inspire me to see how much entrepreneurs seem to enjoy their work. One of my favourite mentors Jeanna Gabellini always says:. This was something that took me a long time to get used to. It feels so great to now to actually have fun in my work each and every day. Do you often wonder whether your daily work is having any impact?

And then you can get on with the task of serving those people directly and effectively. Do you yearn to discover your unique path and purpose and to thrive financially, while doing work you love? You troll the internet for job vacancies, then try to mold your cover letter to express a perhaps inauthentic desire for the job and then wait seemingly forever for a confirmation email or response that sometimes never comes.

The trouble in this situation is that you give all your power over to a process that you have absolutely no control over, and get yourself into a downward spiral of low self-confidence and negativity pretty quickly. If only one in five jobs are advertised, where are the other four out of five jobs? Accessing the hidden job market all comes down to one thing — networking. People are generally very happy to be interviewed to talk about themselves and their work, especially when they know that the intention is to seek information, not to request or apply for a job.

Curiosity, on the other hand, is inviting and appealing. You are networking in a completely organic and non-forced manner, bringing you closer to accessing the hidden job market. The more people you interview, the more information and insight you learn and the more connections you make. He submitted thirty-eight job applications, along with his impressive resume and thirty-eight individual crafted cover letters. Out of all his applications, he received terse rejection emails from eight companies and never heard back from the other thirty.

After learning of the Life Design Interview process, Kurt then identified people he could talk to and went out and conducted 56 life design interviews in different companies and organisations related to his dream field. During that process, he established a wide web of authentic connections and in the end, was offered seven wonderful job offers and had to spend significant time considering which one was the best fit for him.

Take back your power and rather than wait for the next best thing to come along, get busy deciding what you want and figuring out how to create it. There is something interesting about everything. Endless curiosity is key to a well-designed life. Which fields interest you and what would you like to know about them?

Which kinds of people could you talk to to find out more information? A week later, maybe I only got seven hours of sleep. The exception so many times becomes the rule. Watch those exceptions! The constraints of responsibility force you to think more creatively. Responsibility qualifies you to show up at a higher level. Rather, he has power because he assumed a huge responsibility. Most people avoid responsibility.

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Fear of failure i. When you start taking your dreams seriously , you will not initially be qualified. Taking on the right forms of responsibility can put life on easy mode. No excuses. When you begin living your dreams, you will often receive unsolicited critique. If something is noteworthy, there will be haters. When you really start showing up, the haters will be intimidated by you. Rather than being a reflection of what they could do, you become a reflection of what they are not doing.

But the majority of people will support the hell out of you.


Most people are inspired when someone lives their dreams. By nature, having a sense of vision is weird to most people. Being real and authentic is weird. And many people will misunderstand you. Most of them mean well. Others will understand you. You need them more than you know. Social exchange theory is a psychological and sociological perspective on why people do what they do.

Essentially, people only engage in activities and relationships that benefit them. Consequently, people are seen as purely self-motivated in all they do. But there is a four stage hierarchy of motivations that allows for the possibility of genuine altruism. At stage two, you are motivated by reward : focusing only on exchanges that most benefit you. At the pinnacle—stage four— you are motivated by love.

Your aim is to bring as much joy to each individual as you possibly can. Your love transcends human reasoning. It drives you to do things most would consider crazy. You no longer live by conventional rules or wisdom. You are directed by the highest and purest power in existence. As an evolved person, you are connected to your higher source.

You believe it and quickly you see it. Most people inflate their goodness and minimize their failings and shortcomings.

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However, beyond your point of no return, you no longer care about looking stupid. You want deep and intimate connections. Your relationships are a sacred space where you and those you love can be completely authentic. Your faults intensify the love other people have for you, and vice versa. Embracing—rather than avoiding—reality requires that you carry no unnecessary baggage. You seek forgiveness, which is really more about you than the person you harmed. Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day.

Because he was fine with it. Mark Zuckerberg is similar. These people are less concerned with fashion and more concerned with efficiency. They are far less concerned about how they appear and far more concerned about the work they do. Beyond clothing and appearance, you are wholly yourself—rather than what society would tell you is proper.

It will initially be embarrassing to start putting yourself out there. As an evolved person, you are happy when other people succeed and sad when other people fail. The success of others is seen as the success of the whole. But the sooner you delegate, the more energy you can put into the work only you can do. You are the creator and your team makes it real. Deep work is essential for creation. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

You will need to be vigilant against endless distractions and time-wasters. They wake up and get to work. No email, no social media, no communication. Just sitting with themselves, their ideas, their resources and getting breakthroughs. This post originally appeared on BenjaminHardy. Benjamin P. Hardy and his wife, Lauren, are the foster parents of three epic kids. Benjamin is pursuing his Ph.

Connect with him at BenjaminHardy. My husband wanted to divorce me. He was always away from home and fooling with other women! I was suffering a lot. My life was very painful, I became depress and wanted to do anything, just cry and was in pain and argony… my punishment was endless. But Dr.


Isi made it come to an end. Inbox me if you wish to know more about my result or you can as well get to Dr. Isi with the below info. Looking out. So why is this time different? Nothing becomes impossible to you. They're not part of the system, you see? They're not following the system. Instead, they're plowing a trough of their own vision in three dimensions. Sometimes this is difficult to explain to 3D creatures who work every day in that reality, to "feel" the difference between what you have visualized for yourself and what the system instead has for you.

So the next question would be, what is the voice of God? I need specifics.

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Perhaps somehow it will be written on the wall! I will tell you again - the reason we tell you to follow your first instinct is that the vehicle for communication is intuition. This intuition is a product of synchronicity. It's a very real way of God, the system, communicating with humanity. Humans don't like it because it appears as though they thought of it, so it isn't from God. After all, they've waited for an answer from God, not themselves. Some of you get a thought in your brain and you say, "Well, I just thought that myself.

It can't be God. But that's you using the synchronicity because you gave intention to step into it. Don't you deserve to receive these messages in that way? Aren't you sacred? Intuition is the way. But again, the assumption is that God is big and you are small. Therefore, what you think personally is not what God is telling you you think. Get used to intuition being the answer. When my partner began this process of channeling, even though he had opened the door for Kryon, even though he received messages, he didn't believe it.

Even with validation from those who knew the truth, in his intellectual mind he said, "I'm making it up. Well, it does! It has to. It involves all of your DNA, your emotional state, and your intellect - all connected to source. He finally let go and realized the channel was also using his own sacredness. That's when it got clearer. Trust your intuition, for those are the words of God. Some have even said it is messages from what many have called The Holy Spirit. This is another way of saying the Higher-Self. Many belief systems have different names for the same energy, but it's always about how you receive the messages.

You see, you're part of the system. There have also been many questions about business. I told you this message would be practical, so I'll give you two examples. Here is advice for those who are trying to co-create jobs so they can help develop the abundance needed within a society, to be able to live. First, dear one, God is not in the dark. God knows the society that you live in.

Spirit understands that you need abundance in order to stay in the place you are, to purchase the food, for the transportation and more. God is not against money! As soon as you understand that, you'll be far more peaceful. In fact, it is up to you to manifest, through synchronicity, the abundance you need to live. In other words, money is part of the system. It's as divine as any other part of your path when you treat it spiritually. Did anybody ever tell you that Spirit wanted you to suffer a little? Perhaps you're supposed to walk to work with no vehicle? Maybe you shouldn't eat?

Perhaps you should stay out in the cold for awhile because you can't find a home? What kind of Lightworker is that? When others look at you, do they say, "I'd like to be just like him - destitute, unhappy, hungry, cold. It's just the opposite. Spirit wants you in abundance, and abundance is defined as sustenance for each day at a time, in joy.

How can you hold the light if you are in survival mode? What is your source for abundance? Do you worry about it, or do you consider it part of the system? Do you give it to Spirit or do you sequester it because you don't think God understands money? Blessed is the Human Being who integrates everything in their society and themselves and understand that it is divine. For these are the Lightworkers who are healthy, balanced and mobile.

They are the ones who make a difference on the planet. That's business. Money is only a challenging energy when it is horded or the source of worry, or not within your control. That's when it becomes a god unto itself, and takes on the challenging energy assigned to it. The invitation is to see it as simply another thing in your toolbox - like love and compassion and joy. Fear of not having it will create its absence. Another part of business has to do with partnering with someone in an endeavor. You'd better use the system that I've just given you, which is synchronicity and potentials.

The advice is to find somebody who spiritually loves you. This partnership will last as long as you choose, and there will never be betrayal. Surround yourself with those who love your heart, and the partnerships will endure. And I'm speaking of financial things and business.

I'm speaking of whatever you do in your society that is commercial. Kryon is talking about commercial things. If you live in the society, it's part of you. If you live in the culture, it's part of you. So why not use the divine tools you have to make it work as part of you? There is no separation of commercial things and spiritual things to God. They are all part of your walk from day to day, and are seen as part of the energy of your time on Earth. Those who wish to separate them and call some sacred and some less sacred are not considering the "wholeness" of your task on the planet.

For again I say that in order to hold the energy of light on this planet, you must see everything you do as sacred, and everywhere you walk as part of the system of God. Relationships are difficult. And again, there is the assumption of "the one for you. It may be many relationships over a period of time that synchronistically put themselves together with you for a purpose that only becomes obvious later.

Let me reveal some things about relationship - a revelation about romance. Many of you have your partners existing in your lives. Others do not. So this is for those who do not and also for the wisdom of those who do, so they can teach their children about the system. Have you ever wondered why it is that you are so individually different about those who you choose?

For those looking for a partner, you have an idea of what is acceptable and what is not. Where do these attributes come from, for each of you are so different from each other? Now I'm going to reveal something: In the system, there are synchronicities and potentials of the partner who might be out there. So within your own consciousness, you are given the desires that are meant to match the synchronicities of those who are out there, and therefore, the setup is complete.

That's who you're looking for, and that's why. And all of you are so different, but that's where the desire for special attributes comes from. It's not just personal choice. It's instinct! There is a potential out there that looks just like the one you are imagining.

And I mean in all ways - what their heart looks like, what their consciousness looks like, all things. How's it make you feel?

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It's not just how you feel about what you want. Your personal choices have been placed there because you asked for this. Let me tell you about Mary. Mary makes assumptions, just like everyone else. She's a Lightworker and she's single and she's looking for a partner. So Mary prayed to God, "I want a partner. I can just visualize him: He's got these big brown eyes, his eyebrows are a little bushy, and he's got a beard. I like men with hair. Mary knew, however, that she was watching for a man who looked like this.

I'll be patient. I'll wait. Bring in a man like this. We're having a family dance It's a festival for our family, and we do it once a year. I don't know how to ask you this, but would you come to the dance with me? He wasn't her type at all. He didn't have a beard either.

Normally, Mary would just say no. After all, she knew who she was looking for. She'd say no because that wasn't what she felt God would bring her. But somewhere Mary had heard the information - Make no assumptions about anything. She thought very hard about this, but she did not want to lead this man on. She did not want to give him hope that she would be a partner.

She didn't want to say yes because of this, but then she didn't want to hurt his feelings. So Mary made a decision to go. I'll go to the dance," she said, "Yes, I'll go. But I have an extremely shy brother who really wanted you here so he could meet you. Mary smiled and thought to herself, "I got everything right but the eyes. I'll take him! Do you get the point? You can't make the normal singular assumptions you are prone to make. Also, you're not always percent correct in what you see, either, but you're close enough to know when it's right.

In a 3D decision, Mary could have said, "No," to the man. She could have thought to herself, "I'm waiting for the right guy. Those who try to figure it all out in 3D don't know about the system, you see? They really don't understand the synchronicity. Dear ones, don't try to understand it. Just use it. Watch for the invitations and take them, knowing that there is not some simple, singular path that is going to be given. Many Humans are needed to lead you to the potentials of the final goal, but not unless you allow yourself the flexibility to go when you should go. Let your intuition serve you in these things.

We're almost finished. Co-creation is one of the hardest things to explain. We can give you many stories, but the rules are the same, and the first one is "make no assumptions. He could not go to the car store, for he could not afford a new one. He couldn't even afford a used one at the places where they sell those. He needed a miracle. I need it to go to work. I need to manifest a vehicle. Practical information: Here's how the system works.

He had a friend who said, "I don't know about a car, but I've got a guy who can give you a ride to work. I need a car. I'll be wasting time if I just get a ride. I need to go find a car.